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April 15, 2024

Periodmed unveils brand-new medical products at the 2024 Shanghai CMEF

"Innovative Technology, Leading the Future" - The 89th China International Medical Equipment Fair (Spring) (referred to as "CMEF") was held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) on April 11, 2024. With over 40 years of development, this edition of CMEF covered an exhibition and conference area of over 320,000 square meters. Nearly 5,000 brand enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions worldwide showcased tens of thousands of products, attracting over 200,000 professional visitors.


At this exhibition, Periodmed Medical (Booth No.: 1.1J16) showcased the strength and charm of Chinese medical intelligence with numerous heavyweight new products and solutions to the world.

Periodmed brand products are driven by medical needs and recognized for their technological innovation. With years of deep cultivation and technological innovation in the medical field, they hold 30 national technology patents. Periodmed brand products utilize advanced sensor technology and imaging technology, providing comprehensive medical solutions such as real-time monitoring of patient life information data in emergency systems and ward central patient monitoring, precise drug delivery with infusion pumps & injection pump systems, and clear and accurate ultrasound diagnostic images through the application of AI adaptive technology. This enables medical professionals to diagnose diseases more accurately and provide better medical services. Whether in human or veterinary medicine, Periodmed brand products provide solutions to meet various clinical needs.


In the field of life information and support series products, Periodmed Medical has launched a new generation of multi-parameter monitors and other new products, providing comprehensive life support for patients with leading technology and reliable performance.


In the field of ultrasound imaging series products, Periodmed Medical has launched a new generation of trolley-based color Doppler ultrasound and other new products, helping doctors diagnose diseases more accurately with fine images and rich functions.


In the field of infusion pumps & injection pump series products, Periodmed Medical has launched a new generation of infusion pumps & injection pumps and other new products, ensuring patient medication safety with precise control and safe and reliable performance.


In the field of ECG machine series products, Periodmed Medical has launched a brand-new 12-channel ECG machine and other new products, providing powerful support for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases with convenient operation and precise analysis.


Periodmed Medical's series products have been widely used in medical institutions in multiple countries and regions around the world, making positive contributions to enhancing the global medical service level. Looking forward, Periodmed Medical will continue to increase research and development investment, continuously launch innovative medical products and solutions, and contribute to the global medical cause with Chinese strength. Periodmed Medical looks forward to meeting you at CMEF to explore new trends and opportunities in medical technology innovation and development together!


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