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ECG System

ECG System Products

  • General ECG
  • Portable ECG

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  • R&D


  • Molding & Injection

    Molding & Injection

  • SMT Assembly

    SMT Assembly

  • Assembly


  • Quality Inspection

    Quality Inspection

  • Mass Production

    Mass Production

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    Warehouse Management

Why Choose Periomed
Why Choose Periomed

Based on Yonker Group, driven by medical needs, and recognized through technological innovations, PeriodMed with a major breakthroughs in the research medical imaging and other products.

  • Quality Power
    Quality Power

    360 °excellent quality control brings outstanding experience

  • Technical Strength
    Technical Strength

    Equipped with advanced global technology, precise and powerful performance

  • Beauty Power
    Beauty Power

    To have both outstanding strength and full appearance

  • Innovation

    Always think more about your health

  • Sexual Valence Force
    Sexual Valence Force

    Less investment, more practicality


We cooperate with internationally renowned sea, land, and air transportation companies and China-Europe freight forwarding companies, realize sea-air, sea-land combined transportation, ensure the safety, timeliness and cost savings of cargo transportation throughout the process. With a huge overseas agency network, we can customize the best transportation plan and realize door-to-door seamless one-day service.


The main packaging of the product is made of white cardboard, which is used to store the host and related accessories, and has the function of protection and shock resistance. During transportation and storage, the product is rainproof and dust-proof outer packaging composed of AB corrugated paper, EVA inner lining and PE outer bag. The uncertainty of abrasion and extrusion during transportation is ensured.

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